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Clevelanders Protest ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

“We are going to get to the bottom and stop this. Our young people are dying every day, so we are here to rally and give support,” said Laura Cowan.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Family: Camilia Terry had people to turn to - 19 Action News|Cleveland, OH|News, Weather, Sports

Today onIy  93.1WKAK was speaking on the mic and receiving info that there was new information coming out from the family of little Emilliano Terry. They say his mother had people who wanted to take care of her son - one even got temporary custody of Emilliano. Grandmothers breaks down during WZAK's Access Cleveland Show. 
Family: Camilia Terry had people to turn to - 19 Action News|Cleveland, OH|News, Weather, Sports

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THE LAURA COWAN STORY: Told by Sherna of The O.I.A.B. Organization
Watch live streaming video from theoabishow at
Community Reacts to Murder of Mother and Child Everyone had hoped to find 19-year-old Latasha Jackson and her 13-month-old baby, Chaniya Wynn alive.

Community hero takes her life back | Community Spirit | Downtown News

Community hero takes her life back | Community Spirit | Downtown News CLEVELAND - A woman who has experienced years of abuse has found a way to help others. Laura Cowan works full time at Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority and volunteers at the Domestic Violence Center. She's an advocate and domestic violence survivor. She was terrorized by her polygamist husband while living in California. A complete stranger freed her from years of domestic violence. During the abuse, Cowan kept a letter with her chronicling the abuse. While inside a post office, she was able to pass the letter to a postal clerk. The clerk took the letter and mailed it for her. Two days later the sheriff's department came and arrested her husband and freed her, her children and the other family members who had suffered abuse. Cowan is now back in her hometown of Cleveland, giving back. She didn't let her past bring her down. She went to school and received an associate's degree in Applied Business Management in Information Technology. She now works for the Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority teaching and training those living in their facilities on computers and new technology. This survivor is a member of the Living Truth Center in East Cleveland. Cowan was nominated and won the People's Choice for the 2010 American Red Cross Heroes Award. She was also selected as one of the Plain Dealer's community heroes and will be recognized March 14.

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Brother - To - Brother Event / Cleveland 7/2012

On Friday, July 20, 2012, CMHA hosted over 250 people at the Langston Hughes Center for the annual “Brother to Brother” Health and Wellness Rap Session. This event acts as a motivational vehicle to promote healthy, lively, and productive lifestyles for the men of the CMHA estates. Through a series of “Breakout Sessions,” the participants engaged in various group discussions such as mental and physical facets of their lives. Cleo Smith, nicknamed Mayor of Cedar High Rise by his peers, has lived at CMHA for 11 years and has helped to build the community in the Central Neighborhood. He has attended all eight Brother to Brother events. “I wouldn’t miss it. These events are so important. I love them and learn so much in the health sessions. In fact, I actually made a doctor appointment for next week because of what I discovered. It has been a long time coming, but I know I need to go after some of the discussions we had at the event with the care providers. I can’t thank CMHA enough.” The event consisted of a welcome from George Coulter, Executive Officer, CMHA Police Department and Delores Lynch, Executive Director, Senior Outreach Services, Langston Hughes Center. The invocation along with an overview of the “Breakout Sessions” was from George Coulter, reflections by Reverend James Bankston of Ambleside Tower, Progressive Action Council and additional remarks by Doris V. Jones, Vice Chairperson of the CMHA Board of Commissioners. The keynote speaker was CMHA’s very own Jeffery K. Patterson, Chief Executive Officer. He gave an outstanding and motivating speech about the significance in making internal changes that will essentially create productive external results. Patterson engaged the audience with useful and practical examples and he invited members of the audience to give examples of how they would make dynamic changes going forward in their personal lives. Additional remarks were made by Donovan Duncan, Real Estate and Development Director. “Brother to Brother is an exceptional event,” said Marshall Turner from CMHA’s Beachcrest Estate, Captain of the “Beachcrest Bears” Billards Team. “The information I received from the group discussions were very inspiring. I enjoyed the openness of the rap sessions and really appreciated being recognized for the success of my team. Thank you for allowing me to participate in one of many high quality CMHA events.”

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Friday, July 13, 2012 Laura Cowan Interview......My fellow sister and fr... Laura Cowan Interview......My fellow sister and fr...: Domestic Violence survivor praying for missing Ashland mom | The case of miss...

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Welcome To My World: Laura Cowan One of the most notorious domestic vi...

Welcome To My World: Laura Cowan One of the most notorious domestic vi...: I'm a volunteer at the Domestic Violence Child Advocacy Center of Greater Cleveland. I'm a community activist, and a domestic vio...